Create Your Own Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangements – Beginner’s How-To Guide

Hey guys, in this video I am continuing with my arrangement of “Hello” by Adele. I am going over measures 5 and 6 and discussing different ideas on how to arrange it for fingerstyle guitar. The tab is shown at the bottom of the screen and is also available at my website but as of today it is still a work in progress so stay tuned and soon the full tab will be available. Links are below.

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Do Fingerstyle Guitar Fingerpicks Cause Tendinitis?

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After using fingerpicks and a thumbpick for my fingerstyle guitar playing for a few years, I’m considering going back to fingernails and/or flesh depending on how my fingernails hold up.

Some knowledgeable guitarists that I respect have cautioned against incorporating any unnatural contortions in your playing including the use of finger picks and also any type of anchoring of your fingers on the soundboard.

Leo Kottke said in the July 1998 issue of “Guitar for the Practicing Musician”, in an article titled “Mr. Natural” that he had to give up his fingerpicks after his doctor told him he had tendinitis. He eventually got rid of his thumbpick as well. He said, “You need a little “Mr. Natural” in your technique, because if there is any contortion anywhere, you can really hurt yourself.”