Fingerstyle Guitar Arrangement Techniques and How to Make Your Own TAB

Hey guys, thanks for joining me for part 7 of my tutorial series on how to arrange for fingerstyle guitar. In this video we continue our arrangement of “Hello” by Adele. The links for the other parts of this video series are below along with links for free TAB of this song and other songs I have arranged.

Also in this installment I show you how I get my guitar tablature made in case you are looking for a cheap and easy solution for producing your own guitar tab.

I use the Power Tab editor version 1.7 that you can download for free. There may be an updated version available now but this version does just about everything I need and I did not have to invest hardly any time in learning the program. It is pretty easy to figure out and use.

To get the TAB into my videos at the bottom of the screen, all I do is open the tab file into a photo-shop editor and then crop out the section of tab that I want and then insert that into the video using my video editor.

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Thanks guys!

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