How to Arrange Fingerstyle Guitar – Creating a Skeleton Arrangement

Welcome to part 3 in our “How to Arrange Fingerstyle Guitar” series. In this video we are going to start putting the pencil down to the paper in our fingerstyle guitar arrangement of “Hello” by Adele.

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In the last video we talked about different sources of reference when figuring out the chords and melody of a song. It’s important not to put to much stock in any one source of reference. Let your ear and what sounds good to you be the final judge of how you create your arrangement.

The first thing we do in this video on our blank tab sheet is write in the timing markings, “one and two and three and four and…” This gives us a framework to fill in and makes sure we stay on the proper beat when filling in the bass and melody notes. Then we start filling in the bass notes based on the root of the chords on the original recording and we fill them in on the tab on the same beat that we hear in the original Adele recording. Then we figure out what the melody notes are by using one of our resources or by listening and using our ear to determine the proper note. Then we fill these melody notes out on the tab on the beat that they occur in the original recording. This gives us a very basic skeleton arrangement that we can use as a basic framework to work with as we fill in and develop our arrangement further. In the next video we will focus on spicing up the arrangement a little bit. Subscribe and stay tuned!

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